Saturday, July 28, 2018


Inside my eyes is the smile I lost as a child
I learned to walk alone in silence with my mouth full of butterflies

Always alone, quiet and sick

Every time I remember that I was ever happy
I've got a tear coming out of my eye

It's just that inexorably
It's the gleam in your eye
What binds me to obscene words
That I write every day
To quench my thirst
To have you and bleed to the bone

Tuesday, July 24, 2018


Dead birds nest in my heart
Voices that are not heard hurt my mind

Dead fingers write to you today
It's the love that was once mine.

Saturday, July 21, 2018

Oh, God.

playing a game of chess with God
only lost abandoned

that mysterious God who knocks on my door every afternoon
to drink mate with me

He never talks about himself.
But I tell him my problems my delusions my impossible loves my everything

Then he leaves and I'm left to think about how much time I've wasted.
How many blocks have I thrown down the road

It's already late and I'm coming to bed imagining a better future.
Far from that unchanging God who knows only of sorrows, delusions and losses

Sometimes I think and wish I was like Him
So I don't get carried away by the shadow of your scent.

Thursday, July 19, 2018

The ideal woman.

We leave the dawn to stay in cages in this damn city.
We'll save everything else for later.

now and always you are my longing my cucha my everything
Now and forever you're my wife, my whore, my savior.

on these nights where anything is possible
I open the range of words and compose you

the ideal woman

the one that doesn't exist and will never exist

That's why this nostalgia
That's why you want nothing.
That's why these lack of desire

already removed from everything
I light a cigarette and think
how long is life how long are the days how long are the years
and that perishable is my illusion

thanks to you I was able to touch the sky
Thanks to you I was able to have everything
Thanks to you I have this bitter taste that I can't help but feel

well, of course
life is worth living
but not like this
surrounded by wolves
who just want sex and money
surrounded by these people with a face like nothing.
In the meantime, I spit them out.
I spit out my sorrows my delusions my desire to have you around
in order to be able to be

Nobody anymore.

I've got my heart set on the floor
Nobody loves me anymore
Nobody's with me anymore.
Nobody talks to me anymore
Nobody makes me feel alive anymore.

I go into bars where whores have fun with their customers.
I walk into a homeless bar
I walk into that bar where all the willies that are out of the system come in.

I'm not part of your criminal world.

Already in the distance
I find peace and comfort

In the meantime, I lay my head on my pillow.
Thinking that between words my life is going to go by
and worthwhile whore!

As am I.

With bad manners
Of bad habits
I am not a recommended person

I watch life go by all the time.
From my pc
From my room
From my confinement

I have all the freedom in the world
To choose this
I have every word in the vocabulary
To tell you that I love you

Then I continue with my gray, melancholy days
Then I continue with my crazy ideas and that will to live.
That keep me gleaming in the eye

I hope you will receive these words
As you received me the first time we met.
A kiss

Tuesday, July 17, 2018


In this loneliness
There is devastation
I see my body in putrefaction
My lips don't talk about anything anymore.

All that's left is ink and blood.
Mixed with the saliva of another being

My ideals were far away
My ideas my poems my everything

There's nothing left
It's just that this loneliness ate me whole


Tonight I can do anything
I'd like you to be with me
I love you
I remember you
I long for you

Tonight I can do anything
I bring your portrait and cling to it.
Thinking that this silence will ever end

I left everything.

I'd like to know what you think
That you feel
When you see me

I've given up alcohol.
The drugs
And all that is harmful to the soul

I'd like to know how to give you a smile. 

I see.

I've learned to live without you
All the storms have cleared up.
There is peace

But I have memories
Those who torture me at night

It's just that you haven't left yet.
And I can no longer calculate the blood spilled

I'd rather wait for you
Knowing that you're not coming back

Friday, July 13, 2018

What I feel.

What I feel for you is too deep for me to express.
The words are very limited and I can't find you in my alphabet.

You write two lines and I'm at your feet.
I can smell your skin in your poems.
And that certainly marks talent and a perfect indirect touch.

Forgive me if I write you these things that pretend to be poetry
That feeds your aromas

But I know you don't want me
That you don't like me
That you don't even want to see me in figurines

I understand you
When a madman gets obsessed it all ends like this.

I apologize again
For being possessed of your love
For always waiting for that call
For waiting for you, though there is no hope

No more, please stop
Stop writing
That my thoughts go up to the clouds
And they come back cursed
To drill a hole in my brain whispering your name to me

Wednesday, July 11, 2018

I don't know.

I don't know what to tell you anymore.
I don't know how to express my love to you anymore
I give up everything for lost
I give up

On the side of the road
I see a light
A candle
A shadow
Than I ever was

I don't know what feeling to experience anymore.
To keep my mind at ease

It's just that at night
Your absence kills me


You're the owner of my dreams.
The one I long for
The one I want
The whole

I'd like to tell you so many things
To dedicate a thousand love poems to you
To be with you every night

I can imagine you
And that comforts me

Then reality comes along and crushes me
Away from you
Almost mute
Full of lamentations

But I discover a new feeling
Which is giving without expecting anything in return
Which is to give oneself completely
What is a lifestyle

Thanks to this, today I am writing you these lines
And I don't give a shit if they're not read by your eyes.
And I don't give a fuck about being single and worshipping you like a goddess.
And I don't give a shit about everything because in my world I'm the king.

Monday, July 9, 2018


My whole life was a dream
It was all a lie.

Already tired of looking
I stand still waiting for the freezing rain

Let's bring out the spirits
Ring the bells
Let the wolves howl

Because the ink goes right to your chest.
Because the pen draws your back
Because every tear is a gift
For your absence

Green eyes.

Mysterious stranger faithful as a dog

Warm and affectionate warmth
Of course, always discriminating

Honeymouth and whispers
Dive into unscented petals

Fairy tale
With several endings

Not happy

Dream body
Bohemian soul

Green eyes
That light fires

High-pitched letter
Verses that hurt

A set of fragrances
That form a whole
And in that whole
What is a world
I'm staying outside

From film.

I'd like to know how you feel
But it's too deep for understanding.

Nobody understands love

No one makes love

Sex and fun


what is love?
Something I never knew before
I'm not even gonna meet

Nobody loves anymore

I wish my life was a romantic movie.
The kind with happy endings

I'd like your eyes to shine
For once in my life

And may you have that memory
So deep in the chest
Don't ever let him go.


The thing I love most in the world
It's your legs
Imagined since I've had memory use

The perfect woman
The ideal whore

But when I discover your stone character
Everything is destroyed

I'm left out in the cold

Paris, your place in the world

Slaughtered and helpless

My condolences to them

My condoms for you

Beautiful bitch
Leave the silence
And come with me
That I have a thousand sighs to give you
And a thousand promises
That I never
I'm going to meet


 learned to laugh
With the little things in life

I learned to dream
At the age of 12
And I'm still dreaming

I learned that abstinence
Alcohol and drugs
They're passengers

In the end, it's just that the truth
A naked soul
Who has no heart

In the end there are only words left
Works Thoughts
And memories
To scare away this madness of writing to you
Not knowing where you are

With the bones on the floor
And with the force of a hurricane
I think everything would have been different
If in your mouth
You would have put
A little sedation and peace of mind

I'm cold enough not to feel you
I'm hungry not to see you.

And a few more things I keep to myself.

The years went by
You broke me to pieces.
And I'm here like a fool longing for you
But it's just that illusion is all I have left.
In this mouth of wolves
No exit

Of lovers.

Discovering you detail by detail is my wish
Browse your breasts
And sink me below your waist.

Birds fly and my lama needs you
So much so that I can't believe I'm still writing to you.

Your back, the one you always give me,
It's a source of riches for love poems.

Fools in love, fools in love
Who long for a life together
For birds cage themselves in cages
Nothing left without that flight.


Loneliness sadness ignorance
I don't know how you're doing.
I'm sad not to be with you
And I'm just because I'm who I am

I have all the time in the world to be able to recreate you.
So I can kiss you in my sleep
So that I can feel accompanied in longings

But all that dies
When I wake up from sleep
To write to you shipwrecking hearts

A child's smile.

Inside my eyes is the smile I lost as a child
I learned to walk alone in silence with my mouth full of butterflies

Always alone, quiet and sick

Every time I remember that I was ever happy
I've got a tear coming out of my eye

It's just that inexorably
It's the gleam in your eye
What binds me to obscene words
That I write every day
To quench my thirst
To have you and bleed to the bone