Thursday, July 19, 2018

The ideal woman.

We leave the dawn to stay in cages in this damn city.
We'll save everything else for later.

now and always you are my longing my cucha my everything
Now and forever you're my wife, my whore, my savior.

on these nights where anything is possible
I open the range of words and compose you

the ideal woman

the one that doesn't exist and will never exist

That's why this nostalgia
That's why you want nothing.
That's why these lack of desire

already removed from everything
I light a cigarette and think
how long is life how long are the days how long are the years
and that perishable is my illusion

thanks to you I was able to touch the sky
Thanks to you I was able to have everything
Thanks to you I have this bitter taste that I can't help but feel

well, of course
life is worth living
but not like this
surrounded by wolves
who just want sex and money
surrounded by these people with a face like nothing.
In the meantime, I spit them out.
I spit out my sorrows my delusions my desire to have you around
in order to be able to be


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